Favourite conversation this week -

Me (bored): “Do you want to watch Taxi Driver tonight?”
Him (earnestly): “Does that star Whoopi Goldberg?”
Me (in complete shock and feeling culturally superior thanks to the undergraduate course, Foucault, Feminism and Film): “What the Fuck?”
Him (bemused and getting annoyed): “I’m sorry I asked.”
Me (now on my very high-horse and backing a winner): “You better be sorry! Taxi Driver is an American classic. Does it star Whoopi Goldberg?! It’s not Sister Act! It’s not god-damn Ghost! And before you ask, Patrick Swayze does not show up half-way through as the pottery / dance instructor, OK!”
Him (over it):__________
Me (content that I’ve eloquently made my point and satisfied with the flow of the conversation): “So do you want to watch it or not?”
Him (walking away):__________
Me (the winner and now yelling so he can hear me from the other room that has all the gym equipment we never use): “And for the record, it stars Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel and Robert Redford. Dumbass.”

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